Tennessee was once among the lowest performing states in the nation and stagnating. That is no longer, thanks to the efforts of dozens of our program alumni.

Learn more about the work of our alumni in the transformation of public education in the state.

What Our Kids Deserve: Building the Possible in Tennessee from The Broad Center on Vimeo.

For as long as anyone could remember, Tennessee had been among the lowest-rated states in the nation by nearly every academic measure. But less than a decade ago, a series of dynamic leaders were willing to do the work necessary to raise expectations and implement bold strategies for improvement statewide. Thanks to those efforts, Tennessee is the fastest improving state in the nation.

More than 20 Broad Residents have worked in Memphis and Nashville at systems like the Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Achievement School District, KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools, KIPP Nashville, LEAD Public Schools and Shelby County Schools.