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Something Bigger

The Broad Residency is currently transitioning to a new home at the Yale School of Management and will no longer be accepting applications. We encourage you to learn more about the Residency’s new successor program, the Master’s in Public Education Management at The Broad Center at Yale SOM.

The Broad Residency in Urban Education offers early- to mid-career professionals the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to a career that truly matters: improving America’s public school systems. Whether you’ve worked in education or are new to the sector, The Broad Residency provides an intense, and intensely rewarding, experience.

Build a Career with Meaning and Purpose

Over the course of two years, Residents attend in-person professional development sessions while working full-time in urban school systems. For those who are new to education, The Broad Residency matches candidates with full-time managerial roles in school systems. At work, every day, you’ll apply what you’ve learned in session and gain the kind of insight and professional growth you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn on the job

Broad Residents attend eight in-person sessions over two years, taught by practitioners who know firsthand about the issues faced by urban school systems. They also learn as much from each other as from their instructors, thanks to the diverse cohort of passionate and dedicated professionals who serve as your support system beyond the two years. Each session is held in a different city, providing opportunities to learn how school systems operate nationwide. Read more about our curriculum and program.


Beyond the Lessons

Residents receive one-on-one coaching, 360-degree feedback and a master’s in educational leadership. You will come away with a profound respect for the work being done in urban public education, strong connections to the communities you serve and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping make access to a world-class education a given for every student.

Alumni Support

The Broad Residency is one of a kind for many reasons. Chief among them is the ongoing support our alumni receive after they graduate.

The Broad Center provides a variety of opportunities to develop your skills and build your career, post-Residency. We sponsor events throughout the year to help you learn about emerging practices, gain knowledge and get feedback from other alumni.

We offer career services like executive coaching, shadow days and 360-degree feedback reviews to refine your skills and increase your impact on behalf of the students and communities you serve. An online community also helps you share resources, connect with others doing similar work and even find talent for your own team or open positions in school systems nationwide.

Our goal is to help you make the transition from Resident to graduate and beyond.

“Most cohort programs expect you to be satisfied with being done when you graduate. Not the Residency. Here, I’m part of a larger community of outstanding people deeply committed to this work, and the support we continue to receive is incredible.”
Executive Director
Minds Matter - Denver
The Broad Residency 2011-2013