Our Professional

Firmly Committed

We are committed to equity and excellence, both in our daily work and in the impact our work has on urban public education. The following professional values are built on that orientation and guide our decisions and behaviors.


High Expectations

We have the highest expectations of ourselves and our colleagues. We set ambitious goals and value excellence in all we do. We aim to produce the highest quality work possible, given the resources available, to maximize our impact.


We value initiative. Our expectations are supported by a relentless pursuit of results and overcoming obstacles to achieve our mission. Embodying a can-do attitude, we focus on doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Continuous Improvement

Our work processes and results constantly evolve as we regularly seek and integrate feedback. We engage in rigorous cycles of evaluation and reflection to identify, act upon and expand access to opportunities for professional development, individual agency and improving our work.Sharing at a TBC staff retreat


We take risks, bringing new concepts and processes into the organization — as well as applying existing ones to new challenges — to increase our effectiveness and impact. Innovation is not just about creativity. It requires the action necessary to apply those ideas to situations and bring them to life.


We strategically balance individual and team efforts with cooperation and compromise. Internally and externally, we consistently share and seek out resources, knowledge, perspectives and best practices. We cultivate a culture of support, open feedback and encouragement to improve teamwork and reach personal, professional and organizational goals.

Inclusive Community

We value and honor difference, strengthening our efforts by bringing a broad range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to bear on our work. We build authentic relationships and foster an inclusive, supportive environment. We create the space for diverse views, honest and challenging conversations and deep reflection.