Making an Impact

Making an Impact

Numerous examples exist nationwide of Broad Center graduates creating public school systems that support students, teachers, parents and entire communities.

  1. Educational Excellence: Raising student achievement for students of all backgrounds

Students of all backgrounds are outpacing their peers in other systems because world-class standards and best practices in teaching, learning, operations and management are in place.

  1. Efficient: Ensuring adequate resources reach the classroom

Adequate funding, resources and materials are efficiently reaching the classroom.

  1. Empowered Employees: Empowering talented teachers, principals and administrators

Talented individuals are attracted into public school classrooms and school systems where they are:

  • Honored, rewarded and provided career advancement opportunities
  • Positioned to continuously improve based on confident, data-driven decision making
  • Given the time, feedback, training, tools, freedom and support—such as real-time, individualized student information—they need to help identify creative and flexible instructional strategies that meet the needs of each and every student
  • Responsible for helping all students make reasonable academic gains
  1. Engaged: Engaging caring adults in the success of their schools

Parents, teachers, unions, community leaders, philanthropies and businesses are engaging as collaborators in the effort to dramatically improve their public schools.

  1. Empowered Families: Offering parents and students a range of high-quality options that meet their individual needs

Urban parents and students of all backgrounds are empowered with quality public school options, including innovative learning models that meet modern student needs.