First Person: Teachers & Parents

First Person: Teachers & Parents

What teachers and parents say about The Broad Center's network:


“Many of us parents consider [him] the best thing to ever happen to our district.”

Tami Berg, Parent Teacher Association director, Washoe County School District, Nev., on Broad Academy alum Heath Morrison


“[Achievement First's Teacher Career Pathway] builds on our already strong emphasis on teacher quality, growth and professional development. It celebrates educators who stay in the classroom and pursue teaching as a viable lifelong profession.”

 — Josh Falk, second-grade teacher, Amistad Academy, New Haven, Conn., on a system created by Broad Residency graduate Sarah Coon to define, develop, recognize and reward excellent teaching


“[ProComp] motivates teachers to work collaboratively to raise the bar for all of our students... It shines a light on the good work that we’re doing and it incentivizes others to follow suit.”

Matthew Dennis, seventh-grade language arts teacher, Skinner Middle School, Denver Public Schools, on a new teacher evaluation and compensation system managed by Broad Residency graduate Shayne Spalten.


"They save us enormous amounts of time. Just the fact that we can do everything at our desks instead of running to the lab and the library to do research means that we can finish a project in one day where it used to take us a week."

Stacey Beshers, teacher, Huntsville City Schools, Ala., on Broad Academy graduate Casey Wardynski’s efforts to introduce digital curriculum and classroom technology


“Several of us met with Dr. Marcia Lyles back in September and one of the things we said was that groups of parents needed formal ways to meet with the superintendent on a regular basis. I was really happy that that was one of the things she mentioned in her presentation [to the board]. I was like, ‘Wow. She actually listened to us and actually heard what we were saying.’”

Akisia Grigsby, parent, Jersey City Public Schools, N.J., on Broad Academy graduate Marcia Lyles' efforts to improve parent engagement


“DC Prep helps adults just as much as it helps children to reach their highest potential. The dedication to excellence and to constant learning is something I have never seen before. It is the reason I wake up smiling every morning because I know that all of us are at DC Prep for the same purpose.”

Angel Hendricks, first-grade teacher, DC Prep, part of a charter school network founded by Broad Residency graduate Emily Lawson


 “What I admire most about [him] is, it’s all about the kids.”

Robin Bartleman, parent, Broward County Public Schools, Fla., on the leadership of Broad Academy alum Robert Runcie


“Superintendent Robert Runcie is a dynamic individual, a visionary.”

Patricia Good, parent, Broward County Public Schools, Fla., on Broad Academy graduate Robert Runcie