Why We Do It

Why We Do It

Participants and graduates of our programs are working to put conditions in place that empower good teachers to do great work, ensure that students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and thrive and give parents of all income levels access to great public schools.
  • First Person: Teachers & Parents

    First Person: Teachers & Parents

    Teachers and parents across the country recognize positive changes in their schools and feel more empowered and engaged because of the work of our alumni.

  • Making an Impact

    Making an Impact

    Nationwide, Broad Center alumni are creating the conditions that allow public school systems to better support students, teachers, parents and entire communities.

  • Strengthening Communities

    Strengthening Communities

    More than 600 strong, our alumni serve high-need communities throughout the U.S. Since 2002, more than 200 urban public school systems have benefited from their efforts.

  • First Person Alumni

    First Person Alumni

    From program rigor and the value of dynamic, diverse perspectives to the lasting connections made with their peers in improvement efforts across the country, read alumni reflections on their experiences.

  • Network Honors

    Network Honors

    Throughout their careers, our alumni are consistently recognized for the contributions they make to improving urban public education.

  • Network Profiles

    Network Profiles

    Read about the backgrounds and new endeavors of our exceptional alumni and current program cohorts.